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BAZELET is a designer jewelry brand, inspired by the rough nature and the black geometrical basalt rocks of Iceland.


BAZELET jewelries are made from raw materials that are taken from the military industry, and produced with state of the art production methods and technologies.

Every piece is designed with aesthetic elegance and accuracy.


BAZELET  brand is a collaborated creation of Guy Tevel and his partner in life, Keren Erenreich.

The brand expresses the symbiotic personal and professional merge between them.

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BAZELET aims to disrupt and innovate the old world jewelry industry conceptions, by using new technologies and raw materials that have never been seen in the traditional jewelry industry.

BAZELET wishes to represent and icon those unique souls, who are in a quest for getting their dark matter out with their inner silent power. BAZELET jewelries will be a perfect expression for that.    

Our Vision
The Designer


Guy Tevel is an industrial designer and artist, living and creating in Israel.  

Since childhood, Guy loved to disassemble and assemble products he used to find in his dad's garage. That is why there was no surprise when he decided to study design professionally. 


The Creation of BAZELET - Turning weapons materials into jewelry  

In his professional experience of almost two decades, Guy designed many military products for global firearms companies. Hence the idea of creating a unique innovative and powerful jewelry brand called BAZELET.  

“I really love designing products. for me, every product that I'm designing is like a child of mine. the design process is like a "mind pregnancy" period, including excitement, curiosity and the feeling that something great is going to happen”

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